Make Sense of Your Data

Turn raw data into smart business decisions with Amberstone Analytics.

Data is the lifeblood of any modern business.

Data provides valuable insight into how your business is doing at any given moment. It’s not enough to simply have data, though – you need to be able to make sense of the numbers in order to make important decisions.

Amberstone Analytics offers high-quality, tailor-made analytics software consulting and solutions. This allows you to make better and data-driven business choices - without the confusion and frustration.

Tailor-made solutions for any industry.

We understand that no two businesses are alike, which is why we adapt our software solutions to your specific needs. Whether you need to scrutinise statistics in Financial Services or review Retail reports, we’ll be here to help you make data-driven decisions.

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Let’s demystify your data.

With Amberstone Analytics you can:


We don't drop you into a previously built software tool. We take time to understand your business first through an initial consultation process.

Let's plan a custom software solution for your business.


Connect data between multiple sources (on-premise or in the cloud) and vendors with custom integration solutions and workflows.

We work with what you’ve got and only add what is necessary.


Easily view, load, and transform your data with models, tables, and charts wherever you need them.

Being able to map out complex projects is a crucial step in gathering valuable information.


The power to read, analyse, and communicate data allows your business to upgrade the way it works.

Give your team the competence to make better, faster, and more accurate decisions daily.

Success stories.

We delivered end-to-end customer acquisition and retention insights to a leading debt counselling firm.

We cut over 80% of manual data transformation work for our financial services clients.

We created a single source of truth for global marketing spend for a procurement firm.

We helped a marketing agency deliver reliable, consistent reporting to their clients.


Discover the world of data-driven decision making.

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