End-to-end customer acquisition and retention insights for a leading debt counselling firm.


The client

A leading South African debt counselling firm needed help automating their internal reporting processes. The company had grown an in-house call centre of over 100 agents, alongside an inbound marketing team leveraging digital channels - plus a back-office team responsible for closing sales and onboarding new customers.

The challenge: CRM integration

Due to years of organic growth, the firm’s business systems were not very well-integrated. New leads were being manually loaded directly into their dialler platform, and new customers were being onboarded on a separate CRM. Reconciling the two sets of data was always done manually (typically weeks after the fact) and the outputs could not be used to provide detailed reporting.

The solution: cloud-based lead capture system

Amberstone implemented several new capabilities within the organization.

In the first phase, a cloud-based lead capture system was implemented, centralizing the acquisition of new data. It combined bulk uploads from partners, along with real-time leads captured on the customer’s landing pages. All the leads were automatically integrated into the call centre platform.

In the next phase, a data extractor and classifier was developed to retrieve records from the CRM and match them against incoming leads. Finally, the datasets were consolidated on an easy-to-use dashboard, showing real-time statistics on incoming leads and conversion rates to the call centre managers.

The benefits: measure revenue vs. acquisition costs

For the first time, the customer was able to follow a lead from the capture stage (including the ultimate source of the lead – paid, organic, or partner) and follow it all the way through to the deal closing stage.

This breakthrough allowed the customer to measure revenue against lead acquisition costs and make smarter decisions on allocating marketing spend – with the ability to calculate ROI across the entire customer acquisition process.

The real-time design of the reporting solution enabled the call center managers to make on-the-fly decisions about incoming lead routing and queue management. Having been designed and built directly on Amazon Web Services provided all the scale necessary for growth.

The result: insight into global marketing spend

The customer now has more insight into the performance of their marketing, call centre agents, back-office staff and marketing partners than ever before. They have been able to make better decisions regarding marketing campaigns, agent training, and customer experience.

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