Over 80% of manual data transformation work cut for our financial services client.


The client

A financial services firm operating across several African markets had launched a very successful cross-border payments platform. Their solution integrated with various banks and payment providers, allowing their customers to move money through a simple API. They faced a classic reporting problem, however: consolidating and reconciling thousands of transactions every day to support accurate internal reporting.

The challenge: human error and manual data

For every market that the firm entered, they faced a different set of challenges. Every bank had their own file export format and process – and not all of them had usable APIs. The reporting work required constant manual downloads, formatting in Excel, and uploads to their central treasury reporting tool.

This process tended to cost the company time and effort, while risking human error on the data transformation steps.

The solution: bespoke data transformation platform

Amberstone designed and implemented a bespoke data transformation platform for this customer. It provided an easy-to-use web interface for accomplishing data transformation tasks.

The platform was designed to fit in with the way the team was already working. Rule sets and configuration were provided in the form of the Google Sheet integration. The currency data provided by XE was used in line with their established processes. The file formats produced by the platform were tailored to the expectations of the treasury platform.

The benefits: improved efficiency

In a word: Efficiency. The manual transformation processes were reduced to simple downloads and uploads. End users could be trained on the new system in far less time than the manual Excel processes.

The automated integrations to XE and Google Sheets allowed the users to configure the behaviour of the platform by using tools and processes they were already familiar with. It made it much easier to input hundreds of complex rules involving routing account numbers, transaction types and payment platforms.

The result: results produced in under a minute

The platform typically produced results in under a minute, cutting manual data transformation time by as much as 80%, and reducing human errors to near-zero for reports produced by the platform.

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