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The client

A digital marketing firm serving dozens of clients needed a better way to provide performance reporting on an ongoing basis. Their services included websites, paid media and social media, and they worked with clients across Healthcare, Financial Services and other industry verticals.

The challenge: manual-heavy reporting process

The firm sought to provide a one-stop solution for performance reporting and make it as easy as possible for their analysts to take clients through weekly reporting information.

Since they operated across multiple digital and social platforms, producing these reports was a manual-heavy process. Analysts would have to log into these tools on a regular basis, download reports in different formats, and consolidate them manually in Excel.

This practice would not be able to keep up with their client growth, however. They had already started using Google Data Studio as a visualization platform but needed a way to automate the acquisition and aggregation of the data.

The solution: bespoke data aggregation

Amberstone was able to work within the client’s constraints to deliver a bespoke data aggregation capability.

The solution was able to integrate with Facebook Ads, Google DoubleClick, Google Analytics, and theTradeDesk (by receiving incoming emails with attachments). The firm was able to upload media plan files for each customer, to record the targets for spend, reach, clicks, and other metrics.

The integrations ran daily, ultimately populating a set of tables within Google BigQuery. These tables included both planned and actual performance data, allowing their analysts to build reports with the necessary context.

The benefits: hundreds of hours saved

The solution saved hundreds of hours per month of manual downloads, transformation and report-building being carried out by the analysts, while reducing human error in the process.

Removing the burden of manual reporting work allowed the firm’s analysts to devote more time to generating useful insights from the data – ultimately leading to better marketing decisions on behalf of their customers.

Having a fully-automated setup allowed the firm to onboard new customers much more rapidly, having quality dashboards built up before their very first review calls.

The result: professional report dashboards

The firm is now able to provide professional, branded dashboards to their customers with minimal setup. Their existing media planning processes are fully supported by the platform, allowing their advisors to more easily iterate and experiment on marketing campaigns.

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